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【Exhibition & Event】

​★The following dates are scheduled at this time. 
The duration of the event is subject to change due to circumstances. In this case, I will inform you as soon as possible.

2020.11.20 ~ 2021.05.09

TAIWAN Ceramics Biennale 2020 at Yingge Ceramics Museum,New taipei city, Taiwan

Virtual exhibition tour→ click here!


[group show] 【Animals : flowers & Forest 】at Gallery MOYU(Seto / Aichi )

​2021.03.20 ~2021.06.27

[Special Exhibition] 【Tile - from a ceramic point of view】at MOSAIC TILE MUSEUM Tajimi (Tajimi /Gifu)

2021.04.03 ~ 2021.06.06

[group show] 【Shape with handle Part.3】 at Gallery Voice (Tajimi /Gifu)

2021.04.07 ~ 2021.04.09

[event] 【Delicious bread and coffee】at Shizuoka Isetan (Shizuoka /Shizuoka)

2021.04.28 ~ 2021.05.04

[event] 【Penguin Bazaar】at Tokyu Hands Nara store(Nara /Nara)

【The shops where you can find my pieces】

IDF-mini online shop 

 Gallery IDF-mini's online shop →

 ❇︎❇︎If you choose [Chika Shiraki] from [list of artists], you can            see the list of my works.

gallery MOYU (Seto/Aichi)

    gallery MOYU online shop →★click here! ★

     ❇︎If you choose “白木千華" from "Category", you will see the list.

♢ ni:no (Tokoname/Aichi)

Tsukasa Wonder Mug

 This is an online shop where you can find mugs from a  wide range of artists.

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