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Chika Shiraki 白木千華


2019    Summer workshop session at Penland School of crafts, NC, USA / Peters Valley School of crafts, NJ , USA

2015    Completed Ceramics Art and Science course at Tajimi technical school, Gifu pref
1998  Kindai University, school of agriculture, department of Food Science and Nutrition(B. Agr.)


2019    Open studio residency at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, ME, USA

Artist statement

Born in the town of Yokkaichi in the Mie prefecture, a city well-known for its ceramics, into a family of ceramics wholesalers, I have naturally come to think about what I can, as an artist, contribute to contemporary ceramics and what I can accomplish in the medium.


The ideas underpinning my individual projects vary, however, my interests are mainly expressed in two themes. One concerns animals and plants that I become interested in and then research. Based on my research into their biology and cultural significance, I translate this information into sculptural allegories, such as a whale traveling through the oceans around the earth, or and a bear portrayed as a king or god in the forests. Folk tales and myths–such as the stories of the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, and the Norwegian fairy tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff (De tre bukkene Bruse)–are another important source for my work. Like reliefs in churches and the decorated transoms of Japanese temples, I am interested in expressing narratives as three-dimensional objects.


I build my work by hand, using silicon molds of natural objects and clay tablets to give the surface different kinds of texture. I want my work to root into the real, even though it appears far from reality, therefore I choose colors that are neither too realistic nor too fanciful.


The surfaces of my ceramic sculptures are inspired by the various patterns one encounter in the natural world, such as wind ripples, geological layers, and the systematically ordered images as revealed through the lens of the microscope. This reflects my interest in the laws of nature, which shows that even a disordered, organic object contains an ordered, mathematical, systematic aspect if one observes it very closely. With the tiny and myriad parts on the surface of my sculptures, I explore the order and the disorder, suggesting an idea of how one whole entity is comprised of myriad aspects and countless parts.



2020    Accepted,2020 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale

2020 Special Jury Prize,34th Yokkaichi Banko-ware Ceramic art competition

2018    Accepted,The 7th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes Pottery Design Competition

2017    Accepted , The 11th International Ceramics Competition Mino

2017 First Prize,31st Yokkaichi Banko-ware Ceramic art competition

2015   Accepted, Meijer×Shigaraki Award 

2013   Finalist,Contemporary Chanoyu Award 2013

2011 First Prize,25th Yokkaichi Banko-ware Ceramic art competition

Shows(celected group shows & solo exhibitions)

2020    ​Solo exhibition at Galerie LA CACHETTE, Nagoya , Aichi

2019    Solo exhibition [ sense of wonder ] at art gallery OPPO, Asagaya , Tokyo

2019    Group show,Frogs Exhibition at Mireya gallery , Ginza , Tokyo

2019    Group show, Shape of YOI at Gallery Voice , Tajimi , Gifu

2019    Group show, Cat at GALLERY CLEF , Gifu , Gifu

2019    Solo exhibition at gallery SUKI 2F , Kounan, Aichi

2019    ​Group show, Various plates and Sake ware at Galerie LA CACHETTE, Nagoya , Aichi

2019    ​Group show, KEMONO ten at cafe × gallery Jalona, Akasaka, Tokyo

2018    ​Group show, the zodiac at Daimaru Shinsaibashi(Tosei contemporary ceramic art salon ) , chuoku , Osaka

2018    Group show: 100 tastes 100 sake cups at Utsuwaya Akane , Sakyo-ku , Kyoto

2017    Favorite Shape : group show at gallery SUKI , Kounan , Aichi

2017    Solo exhibition [ Where the wild and wonderful things are at art gallery OPPO, Asagaya , Tokyo

2016 Group show, 2016 THE NEXT, MINO CERAMICS at Mino Ceramic Museum Tanjimi

2015 Group show,Art Fourum Mie 2015

2015   Group show, 2015 THE NEXT, MINO CERAMICS at Mino Ceramic Museum Tanjimi


2019   Bunkamura Winter Craft Collection 2019 1st term at Bunkamura Gallery ,Shibuya , Tokyo. 

2019   Event : Korekara no Tukuribito : Craftmanship in future , Mitsukoshi Nagoya sakae store,Nagoya,Aichi

2018   SHIBUYA CRAFT ARTS 2018 at SHIBUYA hikarie, shibuya, Tokyo

​2017   Te To Ma at Yakimono Sanpo michi , Tokoname , Aichi

2017   Craft Park at Shibuya Hikarie , Shibuya , Tokyo

​2017   Crafts fair Matsumoto 2017 at Agatanomori Park , Matsumoto , Nagano

2016   Tensai 108 at Daihonzan Zojoji Temple

2016   summer craft collection 2016 at Shibuya HIKARIE 8/court

2015 Selection artist, International Ceramic Art Festival in sasama 2015

Shiraki Chika



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